Hardware-Aware Mobile Building Block Evaluation for Computer Vision


In this paper, we propose a methodology to accurately evaluate and compare the performance of efficient neural network building blocks for computer vision in a hardware-aware manner. Our comparison uses pareto fronts based on randomly sampled networks from a design space to capture the underlying accuracy/complexity trade-offs. We show that our approach enables matching of information obtained by previous comparison paradigms, but provides more insights into the relationship between hardware cost and accuracy. We use our methodology to analyze different building blocks and evaluate their performance on a range of embedded hardware platforms. This highlights the importance of benchmarking building blocks as a preselection step in the design process of a neural network. We show that choosing the right building block can speed up inference by up to a factor of two on specific hardware ML accelerators.

Applied Sciences
Maxim Bonnaerens
Maxim Bonnaerens
Machine Learning Engineer with focus on Computer Vision